Convenient spray bottle for stiffening fabrics, bows, laces, doilies, silk flowers, ribbons, crochet, needlework and home décor projects.
Eliminates the messy "dip & drip" method of conventional stiffening products. No mixing or wasted materials.
Saturates fabrics quickly and evenly, allowing you to control the stiffness.
No flaking or cracking as with other stiffeners.
Easy clean-up with soap and water. Non-toxic; no unpleasant odor.
Always test first on scrap materials to determine compatibility. Some fabrics may require washing to remove sizing.
Can be speed dried with either a hair dryer or microwave. Stiffest results are achieved with a microwave. Not all materials can be microwaved; test on scrap first.
If using a form, cover first with plastic wrap before spraying. This prevents sticking items to the form.
Stiffer results are achieved by spraying extra coats after previous coats have completely dried.
Soften and reshape stiffened items by soaking in warm water.
Rinse nozzle with warm water after each use to prevent clogging. Keep nozzle covered when not in use.
STIFFEN STUFF will take longer to dry in humid weather. When possible, speed dry with hair dryer or microwave in high humidity.
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