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Now you can dazzle & delight your friends and family by making wonderful, one-of-a-kind ornaments for holidays and other festive occasions. Easy and fun to make with GLITTER-ITJust use a clear glass or plastic ornament of any shape or size. After cleaning the inside of the ornament, add a little GLITTER-IT and glitter of your choice, swirling them around to create a sparkling decoration. See a demo on YouTube.

GLITTER-IT dries fast and clear for permanent results and is non-toxic so even kids can enjoy the adventure of creativity.


If you’d like to learn more about Beacon’s fabulous family of glues, now you can by visiting YouTube and viewing hands-on demonstrations of the many creative ways in which to use our products. Watch MIKE THE GLUEOLOGIST explain useful application tips and helpful hints. Please visit YouTube for these practical and informative tutorials.

Become part of the Beacon fan club by “friending” us on our Facebook site. We’re always happy to hear from customers with their comments and questions. And it’s fun to see what other crafters are creating and to keep up with current trends.

You can also participate in Twitter. Check Twitter and Facebook often to see what’s new, read some useful suggestions, and participate in our frequent contests. We’d love to hear from you!


After the summer of 2009 in a very hot, humid, and rainy Orlando, FL, the CHA Summer Show moved back to Rosemont, IL where it’s been for many years past. Over time, the Summer Show has diminished in size but not in spirit. Even though there were fewer exhibitors, plenty of retailers came out to meet, great & buy this summer. Beacon’s booth was jumping all three days with lines of people waiting to create one of our fabulous make-takes designed by the extraordinarily talented Susan I. Jones.

Since we don’t believe in “cookie-cutter crafts” where you just copy the project down to the last drop of glue, we offered a wide variety of papers and embellishments so that everyone made their own unique creation.

We covered a wonderful shadow box from C & T Publishers ( with Decopatch tissue paper from Exaclair (, applied with FAST FINISH DECOUPAGE, and embellished with all sorts of great trims attached with ZIP DRY PAPER GLUE. Marvelous paper flowers from Petaloo ( decorated the boxes to make each a masterpiece.

We were proud to introduce Ghee’s ( incredible paper zippers on another make-take. Our paper pouches were the hit of the show thanks to these fabulous paper zippers that can also twist and bend into wonderful shapes. Beautiful and unique papers for this make-take were generously donated by our good friends at the following companies: Basic Grey ( Dove of the East (, Graphic45 ( Pink Paislee (, Melissa Frances Papers (, and Creative Imaginations (

Our friends at Clear Scraps ( contributed acrylic books for a memory album project that was just so much fun to design and make with all sorts of great papers, ribbons, gems, and embellishments.

A beautiful collection or ribbons and trims were from Maya Road (, all sorts of fancy and funky buttons came from Blumenthal Lansing ( with incredible paper flowers from Prima Marketing (
We thank all of these companies for their wonderful products that made the show so successful for us.


Everybody’s adding glitz and glamour to denim, handbags, cell phones, costumes, ballgowns, or just about anything else that can use a bit of bling. Beacon’s GEM-TAC EMBELLISHING GLUE is the perfect choice for attaching rhinestones, crystals, beads, glitter, and other embellishments for creating exciting and unique looks. GEM-TAC is permanent, dries clear, is non-toxic and so easy to apply with its special applicator tip. So if bling is your thing, reach for GEM-TAC EMBELLISHING GLUE.




If you’ve been saving broken bits of pottery, ceramics, stained glass, plastic, etc. with the intention of someday making a beautiful and original mosaic piece, it’s now time with BEACON’S MOSAIC GLUE. The non-toxic, no-run waterproof formula along bonds almost any type of mosaic (ceramic, glass, plastic, mirror) to glass, wood, terra cotta, most plastics, and more with permanent strength for indoor and outdoor projects. Create a mosaic table top, unique flower pots, trivets and trays, decorative clocks and so much more with only a small amount of MOSAIC GLUE and your imagination.



Liquid Laminate
Stiffen Stuff
Zip Dry
Quick Grip
Glass, Metal & More
Kids Choice Glue
Hold the Foam
Quilter’s Choice Basting Glue
CraftFoam Glue
Liquid Thread
Patch Attach


Jewelry making was a hot trend at the CHA Winter Show as folks are now designing their own jewelry and using a wide range of materials. Beacon’s DAZZLE-TAC JEWELRY GLUE is an extra strong, clear, permanent glue for base metals, semi-precious stones, glass, beads, bone, mirrors, wire, mosaics & more. DAZZLE-TAC always remains flexible and is water resistant for greater durability. DAZZLE-TAC has superior impact resistance so that stones and findings stay put. Put that extra glitz & glamour to your jewelry creations with DAZZLE-TAC.



Beacon’s innovative product designers have been at it again, creating new and unique glues for all sorts of great applications for crafts, home dècor and household repair. Here are some exciting new items that we’d like to share with you.





Love to decoupage, but are tired of products that smell awful, aren’t clear or yellow over time, and take forever to dry? Beacon has the perfect decoupage medium for just about any surface imaginable – wood, glass, plastic, paper mache, ceramics, metal & more. You’ll never use any other decoupage medium again once you use FAST FINISH DECOUPAGE for the first time.

Non-toxic & acid-free, FAST FINISH DECOUPAGE dries fast and clear for a lustrous finish. All you need is a bristle brush, FAST FINISH, and a little imagination to create the most beautiful gift and home dècor fashions such as jewelry boxes, picture frames, decorative plates, pottery, bracelets and pendants, candlesticks and just about anything else you can think to decoupage.

Youíll love how easy it is to apply, and how you can adjust the shine by adding extra coats. It’s easy to go from a matte look to high gloss with one or two extra applications. Perfectly safe for children to use, you’ll have fun encouraging their creativity with FAST FINISH DECOUPAGE while expressing yours.

After your decoupaged masterpiece is dry and beautiful, give it extra protection with BEACON’S DECOUPAGE GLOSS SEALER. This convenient spray sealer provides a glossy protective coating without harmful aerosol fumes. Non-toxic and tack-free, this is an ideal environmentally friendly product.

Acid-free and crystal clear, DECOUPAGE GLOSS SEALER is permanent and waterproof for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Oooops! You just ripped the pocket on your favorite suit, blouse, slacks or jacket. Taking it to the tailor for repairs is expensive and time consuming. It might take days or even a few weeks to get it back. What if youíre traveling and can’t even find a tailor and need that suit for an important meeting tomorrow?

Not to worry? Beacon has the perfect glue for the perfect solution – DRY CLEAN ONLY ADHESIVE!

This powerful and permanent glue is the only truly non-removable fabric glue on the market today. DRY CLEAN ONLY is perfect for ìforeverî repairs on hems, linings, drapes, pockets, seams & more for clothing and home dècor.

Not even harsh dry cleaning solvents can remove this incredibly durable glue. Once it’s on, it’s on for good! Just be careful to apply it only where you want it, and it will do an amazing job on all those urgent repairs.

P.S. Since DRY CLEAN ONLY CANNOT EVER be removed, please very carefully follow directions!


Environmental issues have become a huge concern and even more so as we learn more about what’s in our water, the air, and in the food we eat. Green awareness is everywhere and more people than ever before are recycling and conserving energy.

We at Beacon are committed to manufacturing products that contain the safest materials we can find. Many of our glues are totally non-toxic and absolutely safe for everyone to use and enjoy. The cardboard packaging  and bottles we use are all recyclable and biodegradable. 

Here are some tips to help all of us “go greener” and as a bonus save money.

ADJUST YOUR WATER HEATER: Lowering the thermostat on your water heater from 140°F to 120°F can reduce your water heating costs by 6-10%.

RECYCLE INKJET CARTRIDGES: Over 13 cartridges are discarded in the U.S. every second! The cartridges are made with plastics that can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Not a good thing. You can buy a refill kit or drop off you empty cartridges at the nearest collection site. (Visit for nearby collection places.)

REUSE PAPER & PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS: Some stores now actually give you a rebate for each bag that you bring in. You can use those brown paper bags when cleaning up the yard or for putting newspapers out to the curb for recycling. Supermarkets often have recycling bins for plastic bags as do some municipalities.

TURN OFF THE TAP: Don’t let the tap run while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. The average bathroom faucet flows at a rate of two gallons a minute. Turning off the tap when not actually using water can save up to 8 gallons a day per person! That’s quite a nice savings.

PLASTIC FOOD STORAGE BAGS: These bags are made of petroleum plastics that are a non-renewable resource. Unless they contain some greasy or yucky stuff, they are easy to wash with soap and water and reuse. Turn them inside out and let dry in the dish drain.

LIGHT BULBS: The new CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulbs) are amazingly efficient, long lasting, and use much less energy than an incandescent bulb. They also now produce a much softer, more natural light and are even available in colors! Switch over to these cost saving bulbs throughout the house.

FAMILY NIGHT IN: Rather than going out for dinner or a movie, why not have everyone stay home for a simple dinner followed by an old-fashioned board game, puzzle or, best of all, crafting together. You’d save gas, time, money and finally have the time to be together. For all kid’s crafts, you can’t beat KIDS CHOICE GLUE---safe, non-toxic, and dries clear & strong.

RECYCLED CRAFTS: There are so many things we toss out everyday that can easily be recycled into fun family craft projects. Paper towel & toilet rolls, dryer lint, brown paper grocery bags, old clothes, etc. can all be recycled into crafts. Check out the library or the web for some great ideas.




For those of you who live in Canada and would like to buy Beacon’s glues, we have good news for you. Michaels stores are stocking more of our products throughout Canada.  Check with your local Michaels to see if they carry what you need. If not, please ask the manager to get the glue for you.

Also, if you own a retail business and would like to sell Beacon’s products, contact our current distributor, H.A.Kidd & Co.Ltd., 5 Northline Road, Toronto, Ont. M4B 3P2 or call 416-364-6451, fax 416-364-6451. The products listed at left are all available in dual French/English labeling to meet Canadian regulations.

Not all of these items may be available in every location. Please ask your local retailer to contact H.A.Kidd & Co.Ltd. if they are interested in stocking them.



The Craft & Hobby Association will hold its international trade show in Los Angeles this year from January 29-February 1, 2011. This will be the first time the CHA will be held in LA after several years in Anaheim.

The Winter Show is traditionally the largest craft and hobby show in the world with attendees arriving from literally all over the world to participate. There are many miles of aisles filled with every craft imaginable from scrapbooking & papercrafts to fabric & needlecraft, art materials and framing, general crafts, and so much more.

One of the most exciting areas is the expanded new exhibitors area where companies who have never attended the CHA before show off their products.

If you’re a retailer, distributor, wholesaler or designer, come on by the Beacon booth to see our complete product line and to join us for the fun of creativity with our make-takes.


Now you can transform ordinary beads into one-of-a-kind jewelry with just a few drops of BEAD ENHANCE GLUE and the embellishments of your choice. No matter what type of bead—wood, plastic, ceramic or metal---you can easily add gems, crystals, glitter, seed beads & more. Create unique necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and pins that you and your family and friends will enjoy and cherish forever.

Design great costumes & masks for Mardi Gras, Halloween, school plays, theatre productions, dance & skating competitions, and any other special occasion that requires a dramatic & dazzling outfit. Add feathers, sequins, glitter, beads, trims, rhinestones, mirrors, gems & so much more to personalize your costume, ball gown, shirt, etc.  Non-toxic and permanent, COSTUME & MASK GLUE dries clear & strong.

Egg decorating is a craft that dates back to the ancient Persians who celebrated the Spring equinox through this ornate art form. It remains a popular art throughout the world as most cultures have a tradition of embellishing the  fragile shells. EGGSCELLENT GLUE makes it fast & fun to decorate real eggs or those made from foam, ceramic, plastic, glass & wood. EGGSCELLENT GLUE permanently bonds gems, trims, lace, ribbons, glitter, crystals & rhinestones with terrific results.

We’re proud to announce that GEM-TAC has just received TODAY’S CREATIVE HOME ARTS MAGAZINE’S SEAL OF APPROVAL from it’s Creative Home Arts Club members and is featured in the January/February issue.  GEM-TAC was sent to a select group of members who tested and evaluated it to see if it met their high product standards.



Love your flip flops but want to make them really special? No problem with clear, strong, non-toxic, and flexible FLIP FLOP GLUE. Turn ordinary flip flops into extraordinary footwear by adding rhinestones, glitter, feathers, yarn, charms, pom poms and more with just a dab of FLIP FLOP GLUE. Make a pair for every occasion, from funky to formal, and for your family and friends as well.
There’s practically nothing you can’t do with BEACON’S 3-IN-1 ADVANCED CRAFT GLUE! This powerful adhesive offers you 3 (count ‘em) features to make your creative work easier and more convenient: 1. Crystal clear formula 2. Instant grab on almost any surface 3. Fast drying for fast results. 3-IN-1 ADVANCED CRAFT GLUE is also acid-free, waterproof, and comes with a convenient narrow tip for applying a thin line or tiny dot of glue exactly where you want it put, minimizing mistakes and messy blobs of glue. 3-IN-1 ADVANCED CRAFT GLUE is great for indoor and outdoor household projects as well as creative work with paper, cardboard, cork, wood, papier mache, trim, etc. You’ll appreciate the versatility of this excellent glue.




A warm, fuzzy feeling is what you'll get when you create felt projects with new BEACON'S FELT GLUE. No matter what you're making--costumes, toys, pillows, banners & even clothes--BEACON'S FELT GLUE will make it easy, fast, and fabulous. Not only does BEACON'S FELT GLUE really hold felt, but you can also bond chenille stems, pom-poms, feathers, glitter, and lots more. The non-toxic formula dries clear and cleans up fast with water, making it a great glue for all kid's crafts.

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